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Silver-gray granite from nearby quarries gives the city a distinctive character, and when the sun shines, the mica in the stone sparkles, an effect that led to Aberdeen's other nickname of "Silver City".The area north of King's College is known as Old Aberdeen and includes the University, founded in 1494, along with several interesting medieval buildings found in the vicinity of the High Street.Newsec TM AS er Aberdeen Asset Management sin samarbeidspartner på teknisk forvaltning av Aberdeens eiendommer.Newsec TM AS sin oppgave er å sørge for at eiendommen du er leietaker i eller bruker av, fungerer teknisk og servicemessig slik som avtalt.Aberdeen Asset Management er en av Norges største utleiere av næringseiendom.Vi forvalter i dag nær 70 eiendommer - eller mer enn 700 000 kvadratmeter innen både kontoreiendom, kjøpesentre, hotell, lagerbygg og produksjonsanlegg over hele landet. Vi har i tillegg distriktskontorer i Bergen og Trondheim Våre mer enn 50 medarbeidere, som har kompetanse på så vel kapitalforvaltning som eiendomsinvestering, -forvaltning og -drift, utgjør et av de tyngste tverrfaglige miljøer innenfor eiendom og finans i Norge.

Look, I’m no Picasso, but there weren’t too many River City Rembrandts hanging around, either, and I felt like I had home-courting advantage, having spent a few nights at the Commy in my day.

Aberdeen boasts a host of protected buildings, the oldest of which dates from the 16th century. Machar's Cathedral is believed to occupy the site of a small Celtic chapel erected by St Machar in 581 AD.

The succeeding cathedral was founded in 1136, although the earliest work in the present building dates from the 14th century (it was completed in 1552).

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Examples include the Falls of Feugh and Cambus O May Suspension Bridge.

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