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A feeling has been growing among many residents that there were others who felt their presence was a nuisance, that it would be better if their blocks and homes were run down so that fancy expensive housing could be erected 500 years ago this year, Martin Luther launched the Reformation – a revolution in European society, based on one simple idea – the centrality of faith.

Put simply, the idea was that at the heart of an individual’s relationship with God, or with anyone else for that matter, lies faith, or perhaps better, trust. Without trust, relationships, marriages, friendships, societies quickly fail.

He made his first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on , arriving for his father Harold's (Ian Smith) wedding to Madge Ramsay (Anne Charleston).Curtis was paired with Thalia Heffernan and Emily was partnered with Hughie Maughan before both were eliminated from DWTS.The pair first started dancing together when they were just 12-years-old and began dating after reuniting in November 2015.3.It came after many years of residents making complaints, feeling ignored and hearing promises that were not kept.Residents groups had often protested about the £10m refurbishment of Grenfell Tower that made it look good on the outside, without paying much attention to conditions and safety on the inside.

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Script producer, Luke Devenish said "All three Bishops will be leaving together ...

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