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As a teenager, he was tall, and had zits, and his hair was slicked back and in a ponytail, with the sides of it being shaved. As of the episode "Gut Model", he has worked for the park for 5 years.Lloyd Weedon, 24, felt he had hit rock bottom at the end of his teens, when he struggled to move or breathe – but he began shedding the stones by walking to and from work.In ""Under the Hood"," it is shown that he wears socks, but the pants cover them. (quote from the episode, "Gut Model.") "Reeeeheheheheheh~! "I know a guy_______________" - Muscle Man Muscle Man is a human that works in the park along with Mordecai and Rigby.In "Trucker Hall of Fame", when he was a kid, he still looked the same, but with freckles. He is also quite unhygienic, reeking of body odor as evidenced in "The Night Owl".I know what’s right and wrong now.”Lloyd’s best friend Alex Brown is among those he is helping.Alex said: “It’s a really great achievement – the pictures speak for themselves really, show what he used to be like.“He kept himself focused, kept his head down and achieved the target he wanted. Now he’s helping others to do the same, including myself.”Lloyd is set for a fresh challenge next month when he takes on the Standalone 10k alongside Craig Worley, his boss at the gym in the Spirella Building.The 38-year-old from Newton Hill near Wick won his height class and then the Mr Highland class before going on to win the overall championship in Inverness.It is the biggest victory in Mr Stewart’s career so far and he said he was delighted to lift the title at Forge Gym. I’m also the first person to win all three classes in one show and the first person that comes from the highlands to win the overall.

I didn’t really have the knowledge.“Now I have an advanced nutrition qualification and I map out the food I eat.Flexing his way to glory, a Caithness muscleman has made history by becoming the first man from the Highlands to power his way to victory in a major competition.Kev Stewart was named as overall International Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (IBFA) Highlands and Islands Bodybuilding champion.Sometimes it's nice that someone notices all the hard work you do, but it's something else altogether when people sit and gawk at you.When the only reason they are talking to you is because of how you look, and yet they do nothing about their own appearance.

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