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“He is the go-to guy, creative and in the moment, he takes intellectual risks that inspire and steer the class forward.”Academics: He has taken one of the most rigorous curricula possible: Completing 6 courses every year since 9th grade, with a total of 7 AP courses throughout his WA Upper School career. He is currently enrolled in 3 English courses and chose this course load as he prepares to pursue a career as a professional writer.

He also has enjoyed his History classes, especially given the historical events and contexts that could culminate in a potential breadth of resources to support his writing.

and his college goals include: “Classics and Creative Writing will be the steady focus with a little acting, peer editing/tutoring, and extracurricular swimming sprinkled in.” As Jack moves on to Kenyon College, we look forward to his continued success and to being able to cut the line at one of his many book signings!

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Career Aspiration: Long before Middle School, Jack aspired to the goal of becoming a fantasy novel writer; however, it was not until he was 16 that Jack began writing his first novel.

He even included the study of Latin to better pursue his passions and goals as a writer by better understanding “the root of our language.”“Jack is uniquely smart in so many things” …

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