Hot or not dating service

Each individual will have a "hot rating" attached to their profile, which is decided by voting.

Needless to say, some users may not be happy with their results.

In the games section, users can browse the profiles of other members in their area and rate them with a heart (for “hot”) or an X (for “not”).The radius the real-time Hot Lists span depends on the number of users active in a given area – so the more users who are around, the more the radius will shrink to keep it localized.The rest of the app works exactly as you would expect a mobile dating app to work.The app currently has over 10 million users in the United States and is pitting itself against other popular dating apps it helped spawn, included Tinder.The company behind the app -- London-based Badoo -- would not reveal user numbers in other markets, though the app is available in over 30 languages.

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