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A good rule of thumb: if you aren’t available for a date within 7 days of sending the message, don’t send it.

NOT-SO-SMOOTH OPERATOR The scenario: “I recently received a message that said, ‘Damn you’re a pretty white girl, you into muscular black men?

Children are welcome on the holiday but not at the ceremony, and we’re to chip in to the brides accommodation the night before the big day to show her our love?! Needless to say, the internet did not appreciate this bride’s attitude and users were quick to side with the guest.

From best men proposing to their girlfriends during the ceremony, to brides asking bridesmaids to lose weight, there’s always something that goes a little bit wrong, but this latest story really takes the cake (scuse the pun).

User Fucky Duck took to Mumsnet to vent her frustration at a very demanding bride and groom who’d invited her to their US wedding.

’” — Kristen, 27 The problem..the solution: Aside from the obvious inappropriate nature of the comment to a complete stranger, men should never mention their physical characteristics or their own body parts in an introductory message.

Women are easily scared away online, so you should avoid saying anything remotely controversial or predatory.

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