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One game designer’s online call for civility prompted a meeting with Microsoft executives about how to better police Xbox Live.

In February, shortly after the Cross Assault tournament, Level Up, an Internet broadcaster of gaming events, barred two commentators who made light of sexual harassment on camera and issued a formal apology, including statements from the commentators.

When Miranda Pakozdi entered the Cross Assault video game tournament this year, she knew she had a slim chance of winning the ,000 prize.

But perhaps the best part of Snow, and something that is truly unique to the app, is that you can also share your filtered faces on Facebook and Instagram, in addition to sharing them with contacts of yours who use the app.

Snow has a revamped Story section that looks very similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Kemp sketched out for her at the beginning of the season. I knew the relationship between those characters would be spicy and complicated…

and I think that’s exactly how it plays out,” Anthony says, crediting co-star Joseph Sikora for putting her at ease during the intimate exchange.

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