Self validating bug

I have used the Array (texts) question type for one of my surveys.

May i know how to validate the percentage subquestion.

Pharma manufacturers are scrambling to assemble validation resources so they can meet the FDA’s DSCSA deadline, which mandates that they must serialize their products at the saleable unit by November 2017.

In doing so, pharma companies are discovering that the “self-validating” serialization software they they bought – including full validation support – is turning out to be a DIY product that resides on a multi-tenant platform (i.e., all customers share the same instance of the platform).

At Snowplow we have been thinking a lot about how to add schemas to our data models, in place of the implicit data models and wiki-based tracker protocols that we have today.I have a dataset with over 24M polygons in it, which I need to load into SDE. The load fails due to some polygons having invalid structure according to ESRI rules.The invalid polygons consist of an outer shell and holes which touch the shell at a single point.This is invalid according to the ESRI polygon structure rules (which I have seen documentation for, but can't find a link for right now).Instead, according to the ESRI rules these kinds of area should be formed as "inverted polygons".

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