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Here are some of the questions that should be answered before reporting a problem: For problem determination, it is often important to collect debugging information which can be analyzed by Virtual Box support.

This section contains information about what kind of information can be obtained.

I tried reinstalling many times but Flexnet stuff does not get installed.

Recently I got my hands on a Monowall Appliance box that’s basically a PC Engines ALIX2 series board with the matching PC Engines case. This is a small board featuring 3 network ports with a AMD Geode CPU which makes a perfect small home router device. Connecting to the Webgui: If you’ve connected a network cable to the left port and into a regular PC you should have gotten a DHCP address from the OPNSense box and should be able to browse to “”.

We’ll use OPNSense as it has a way better and much more clear interface (based on Bootstrap) which makes managing the appliance so much easier and more intuitive with almost the same extensive options that pf Sense offers. The GUI is based on bootstrap and is very responsive and intuitive to use. Updating using the Web GUI: If you log in you’ll be left at the Dashboard which gives a small overview on the network status and from there you can check for updates as well.Remove the 2 screws on both sides and lift up the cover. Now that updating is finished the appliance is up-to-date and may be used to set up the firewall further.Now remove the 4 screws of the PCB in every corner and lift the mainboard facing the front side up. There are a lot of possibilities with this image as it comes with built-in VPN server support etcetera.Remove any installed CF-card and insert the new one. One of the nice features is that it can use the cryptoengine that is present in the Geode LX processors. The instructions below assume that you have basic skills of manipulating hard drives.

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