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You should be aware of the higher memory consumption though, mainly for large XML documents.

However, for clarity, the elements that contain at least a character string are considered to be and are displayed accordingly. You can also modify the presentation of the document if you associate a CSS style sheet to it by means of a xml-stylesheet PI (processing instruction).You can see this in the example, where the root element ("users") is appended directly to the document, while the user elements are appended to the root element.Attributes are of course appended to the elements where they belong, using the Append() method on the Attributes property.A soft commit is much faster since it only makes index changes visible and does not fsync index files or write a new index descriptor.If the JVM crashes or there is a loss of power, changes that occurred after the last hard commit will be lost.

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This XML is uploaded into the web server , but I don't know how to update it through UCCX script.

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