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The input document contains an extra attribute which has not been defined in the XML Schema, this shows that the XML Schema has been used for the validation.The middle ground was a smart grad student with a couple of weeks.XML documents are made up of storage units called entities, which contain either parsed or unparsed data.

Kenneth Sall introduces a considerable amount of XML terminology, including discussions of parsing, well-formedness, validation, XML document structure, legal XML Names, and CDATA.

When an XML document is then fed to the parser, the handler functions are called for the character data and markup in the XML document.

A more common scenario is when you have to parse XML supplied by various third parties and once you say your format is XML then all bets are off; it is only a matter of time before someone sends you a perfectly valid XML document that your application won’t be able to handle.

It is true that most of these features are seldom used.

The element name passed to the element handlers Returns the input data that generated the current event as a string.

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